I’ve finally gotten my Patreon up and running, and I’m returning to my roots by creating prompt-driven fiction based on the whims of my Patrons! Laugh with me! Cry with me! Come join me on this amazingly weird adventure!

Let’s face it. Now sucks, and as a speculative fiction writer, the thing I’m best at is asking “so what comes next?” In the coming months, things will be hard, but I plan to get back to one of my true loves: writing wild and twisted short stories based on prompts–prompts YOU provide me. Every month I’ll draw a set of random prompts from all the suggestions I receive from Patrons and craft a story to post the following month. This will be a great way to interact with fans of my work and I want this to be a special place where we build fiction together.

All stories for the rest of the year will be available publicly.

So come check me out on Patreon! I’ve got three stories up so far. Click the images below to read for free!

Horse Woman with Purple ManeManchovy, fish on top, man on bottomWoman covered in porcupine quills


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