Two More Random Books!

Posted by Nicky Drayden on Feb 23, 2011 in 26 Random Books

My awesome coworker Myndi gave me these two books to add to my list of Random Books to read this year! The artwork is awesome. I’m going to try to read them both by the end of the year. I’d better get cracking on my Japanese!

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26 Random Books: Selections, A through G

Posted by Nicky Drayden on Jan 6, 2011 in 26 Random Books

One of my insane challenges for the year is to read more, and to read more widely. And so my 26 Random Books challenge was born–one author’s name for each letter of the alphabet, chosen at random from an assortment of genres.

After a trip to Half Price Books, I am now the proud owner of seven new used books. Not much to say about them yet, as I didn’t even bother to read the blurbs when I blindly pulled them off the shelf. But the covers themselves were amusing. Many of these genres I’ve never even considered reading, so this little project should be extra interesting.

Here’s what was going through my mind when I picked up each book.


Literary Winner, Bless Me Ultima, By Rudolfo Anaya


Mystery Winner, The Cat Who Sang For The Birds, By Lilian Jackson Braun


Suspense/Thriller Winner, While My Pretty One Sleeps, by Mary Higgins Clark


Science Fiction/Fantasy Winner, The Power That Preserves, by Stephen R. Donaldson


Romantic Fantasy Winner, The Prince of Frogs, by Annaliese Evans


Western Winner, Spur, by Dirk Fletcher


Horror Winner, Brain Trust, by Christopher Golden and Rick Hautala

These should keep me busy for the next couple months. I’d better get reading!


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