Escaping Exodus Pre-Order Swag

Posted by Nicky Drayden on Aug 8, 2019 in Writer's Life |

“An Afrofuturist love story, set inside a giant space-creature, about two women of different castes…top-notch worldbuilding and sharp characterization.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Don’t be alarmed – that dizzy pleasurable sensation you’re experiencing is just your brain slowly exploding from all the wild magnificent worldbuilding in Nicky Drayden’s Escaping Exodus. I loved these characters and this story, and so will you.” – Sam J. Miller, Nebula-Award-winning author of The Art of Starving and Blackfish City

Swag includes: One postcard, a signed bookplate, a set of trading cards, and your choice of a cover art magnet or sticker! Open internationally. While supplies last!



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